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Liquid-Handling Products and Applications

DRD's liquid-handling products are based on our unique Differential Displacement/Dual Resolution inventions: 2 pistons give extraordinary precision from diameter difference, and 1 piston gives large volume and speed to deliver contact-free. Our OEM pump modules became an immunochemistry analyzer standard in the 1990s. We now have a full line of end-user and OEM products, liquid & air-filled, manual and automated that are being applied to cutting-edge applications.

Little Squirt Free-Standing
Little Squirt Free-Standing 
96-channel Differential Pipettor
96-channel Differential Pipettor 
Automated Robotic 4 Deck
Automated Robotic 4 Deck

No low volume outliers

Contact-free delivery option eliminates user technique variability and relieves need to control delivery height

Less eye strain and mental stress

Faster and easier

Different users results agree closer. More accurate.

High precision down to 100 nanoliters

Enormous flow range handles biologic and viscous samples better

Single stroke dilutions up to 10,000:1 in liquid filled units


Contamination-free dispense eliminates "wickoff" and need for precise Z-axis

Triplicates/duplicates often eliminated

Volumes can be scaled down


Tray with Liquid

Applications. We are now harnessing our core technology and products to the following 6 major applications:

NGS Next Generation Sequencing (see Application 1 or article), Protein Crystallography, DNA Purification, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Flow Cytometry and HLA / Tissue Typing.

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