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Using the product name or catalog number, simply phone or email us or send via USPS.

Prices and catalog numbers for items not listed below should be found in the brochures linked to each product.

Please call or email with any questions and we'll get right back to you.

Online purchasing for the smaller products will be available soon.

Adjustable Volume

Catalog # Range Price
DP-20-adj 20μL - 1μL $900
DP-10-adj 10μL - 0.5μL $900
DP- 2-adj 2µL - 0.2µL $1400
DP-10ultra-adj 10µL - 0.2µL $1800

Fixed Volume

Catalog # Volume Price
DP-20-fix 20μL $500
DP-10-fix 10μL $500
DP-5-fix 5μL $500
DP-2-fix 2μL $500
DP-1-fix 1μL $500
DP-0.75-fix 0.75μL $500
DP-0.50-fix 0.50μL $500
DP-0.20-fix 0.20μL $500
DP- custom vol-fix $800

Disposable “Little Squirt” Tips
LS4 Tips - Tip ID 0.014"

Catalog # Item Price
LS4-Starter 1 Reusable Box and 5 96-tip Reload Trays (480 tips) (Recommended starter) $70
LS4 Clean tips. Case of 10 96-tip Reload Trays (960 tips) $90
LS4-PCR PCR Clean. Case of 10 96-tip Reload Trays (960 tips) $100
LS4-FST Dual filter and PCR Clean, Sterile and pyrogen free.
Case of 10 sterile-wrapped 96-tip boxes (960 tips)

LS3 Tips - Tip ID 0.012"

Catalog # Item Price
LS3 Clean. Case of 5 boxes of 384 tips each (1920 tips) $175
LS3-ST Sterile. Case of 5 boxes of 384 tips each (1920 tips)  $195
LS3-FST Filter tip and Sterile. Case of 5 boxes of 384 tips each (1920 tips) $260


2% 10, net 30. Price FOB factory -- our invoice will include our reasonable cost for standard shipping but you may specify expedited delivery or a preferred carrier.

Calibration Service

Verification every 6 months is free in New England and $100 annually elsewhere in the US. We will restore calibration or leave you a replacement unit during the warranty period. Inquire about our Promotional Quality Credit if you purchase an Artel PCS Calibration System for your ongoing quality program.

18 month WARRANTY against defects in materials and workmanship when used as prescribed.

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